Starbucks Sapporo Minami 1 Jo Branch review: coworking basecamp

You’re in town, and you need to get work done at a reliable cafe in Sapporo pronto — where do you go? Well, there’s always good old trusty Starbucks!

Starbucks shops are made to be co-worked out of. While it isn’t a unique Sapporo cafe specifically, this shop in particular is my go-to shop for a few reasons. I can always find a seat (i.e. my seat), the restroom is located only a few seconds away from where I sit, and the staff are are super friendly 🙂


Being a daily regular has its perks, such as the morning staff already knowing my order — chai tea latte and a salad wrap. I also never really feel guilty for occupying the same space at the table I always sit at for the good three and a half (sometimes four) hours that I’m there in the morning.

Laptop computer placed next to a Starbucks coffee on a table located in a downtown Sapporo cafe

The shop is also never really packed in the morning, despite its central location in the city. The surrounding customers, are your typical salarymen, office workers, and occasional university students. However, as with any cafe, the shop does start to get bumping around peak lunch hours.

Facilities & Space

There is a main study table with seating for eight located in front of the bar counter. This is my favorite spot to work at simply because it has electrical outlets underneath the table, and it’s within close proximity to the restroom — NICE.

For folks who have long work sessions, you’ll more than likely need to use the restroom at least once — what do you do during those times? Leave all your gear at your seat, or take it with you? I suppose everyone will have different comfort levels regarding this topic, but I feel quite safe leaving my stuff at the table here at this shop (which I do quite often).

Getting back to the interior, they have wall seating which has multiple outlets available as well. Those seats would be good for folks who are sort of just in for a quick drink and perhaps need to charge up while drinking. The seats for this area are the tall bar stool type chairs.

As for the rest of the seating, there are several round tables located near the entrance, as well as couple lounge chairs. Additionally, there are some tables for outside seating as well.


Free wifi is available. There’s actually free pamphlets that explain how you can connect, which is quite helpful 🙂

One thing to note, I’ve noticed that the connection will time out after an hour, so if you need a constant solid connection, that would be something to watch out for. Otherwise, you can simply reset your session in your browser by signing in again.

For me, since I use mobile wifi, I don’t typically (actually almost never) use the free wifi, but it’s always good to know that it’s there if I ever need it. Additionally, the area itself is mobile wifi friendly with reliable reception (as opposed to cafes located in the basement or subway levels in the city).



060-0061 北海道 札幌市中央区 南1条西2丁目5 南一条Kビル 1F


7:30AM – 22:00PM (MON – SUN)





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