Morihico JB Espresso +D review: modern elegance located only a walk away from Odori Station

morihico jb espresso +d view of interior

Morihico. is a very unique brand of coffee shops based in Sapporo. I believe a full featured post on the brand itself is in order for a later time. But in this review, I’ll be writing about Morihico’s JB Espresso +D shop.

snow white latte by jb espresso +d morihico


Located off of Odori Station’s Exit 24 on the subway level (B2F), you’ll find JB Espresso +D centrally placed among a roundabout section of a few other smaller shops.

The cafe is dimly lit, with a couple wooden overhead lighting enclosures hanging from above. There’s a very artsy industrial-like vibe I get whenever I visit this shop. The wooden tables and seats contrast nicely with the blocky concrete pillars in the cafe.

JB Espresso +D can get a bit crowded depending on the day and time. But I’ve found that during opening hours, and even peak lunch hours, you won’t see very many customers, so it makes for a nice cafe to set up shop (with some caveats, see next section).

JB Espresso +D Morihico laptop shot under the brand sign

Facilities & Space

Morihico JB Espresso is a very chill place to work at, but I would probably only consider this location as a temporary co-working spot for quick sessions.

While all the seats do have square leather cushions, I do find my bum losing circulation quite often during longer periods of sitting (but that’s just me).

The restroom is also located outside of the cafe area, which is to be expected for cafes that are situated in a shared area. While it’s probably safe to run out for a quickie, I would not advise leaving your gear unattended in this location.

Electrical outlets are quite limited. The only area where those might be found would be the space right in front of the bar. Be ready to face a high chair situation as well.

And let’s not forget about the food, which I admittedly have not tried much of yet. But judging from what I’ve seen, it all looks pretty dang good!


JB Espresso +D wifi speed



〒060-0042 北海道札幌市中央区大通西1丁目13 ル・トロワB2F


10:00AM – 21:00PM (MON – SUN)

Website & Social | IG | FB | TWTR




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