Spring Cleaning

Man, oh man, has it been a minute!

So much going on in this crazy world these days that I’ve nearly forgotten about my dear old blog.

I hope everyone’s been staying safe and healthy out there. And most importantly STAYING HOME.

Japan’s PM just recently issued a “state of emergency” for Tokyo, and six other prefectures earlier in the week. If you ask me, I’d say it’s about damn time. But I’m rather concerned because unlike other countries’ lockdown practices, Japan doesn’t have the legal authority to actually enforce their stay-at-home polices. This why you’ll still be seeing sardine-packed JR trains and subways with people on their way to work, businesses operating like usual, and people, well, carrying on with their daily lives like everything’s a-okay. (Uh, no.)

Hokkaido already had its dose of state of emergency starting from the former half of March, and so I’m guessing that’s part of the reason why it wasn’t included in the list of prefectures affected by the current state of emergency. Again, I’m at a loss at the decisions being made in this country — the corona virus pandemic is far from being over. Why are the all the decisions being made so … I digress.

My family and I have been doing our jobs as a responsible citizens STAYING AT HOME. Bordering on the lines of exploding from extreme cabin fever, as I have been quarantined at home literally since the end of February, decided to move forward with some video ideas/projects that’s been sitting on the back burner.

In my recent VLOG, I tried some new stuff with lighting, camera movement, and post editing. A lot of what I’m doing/trying right now is inspired from what I see my favorite YouTubers doing. For quite a while, I’ve held myself back from doing these things because imposter syndrome and doubting your own skills are all too real. But looking back on the advice of content creator, Matti Haapoja, I’m reminded of the process that keeps thing simple.

Learn. Make. Repeat.

Matti Haapoja

If the phrase isn’t already self-explanatory enough, check out Matti’s video on it because he makes so much sense with his explanation on this.

I realized that I’ve been doing A LOT of learning, but not enough making and repeating. And so I’m hoping to do that again, whether it’s putting out content on my blog, or creating video content of some kind. So, if you’d like to stay tuned, subscribe!

And in case if you haven’t noticed, this is indeed a brand spanking new website with a new domain to go with it. Yes, I’ve rebranded as “Sapporo Nomad”, so as to keep my content more focused than how it is over at my personal blog (which I’m not completely abandoning, so don’t worry).

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