30 Days Of B-Roll: Unboxing My iPhone SE (Day 3)

After a little over four years, my wife and I finally upgraded from our iPhone 6S devices to the new iPhone SE that recently came out. I may want to do a review video on it at a later time.

However, the inspiration for this video actually came from the real iPhone SE ad that I recently saw being promoted. It’s a Japan based ad and the story of it is quite simple.

If you are familiar with Apple products, you’ll know that there is a very distinct trait about their product packaging which makes for a completely separate and unique experience in itself.

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30 Days Of B-Roll: Kodomo No Hi (Day 2)

The holiday known as “Kodomo No Hi” in Japan, or “Children’s Day”, is one of the public holidays included in Golden Week. This day is meant to celebrate children and their happiness. This holiday takes place on May 5th.

I wanted to do a quick capture of some of the things inside our home that were representative of Children’s Day. For example, the koi fish flags, kabuto helmet, as well as some of my son’s drawings and toys.

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30 Days Of B-Roll: Get Started With WordPress.com (Day 1)

The goal with this video was to keep it short and sweet, while at the same time be deliberate about what I’m trying to convey. In this case, I thought what better way to do than to outline the process of signing up for a WordPress.com account, which in itself does not take long to do.

The steps of signing up takes literally just as many shots that are seen. Five shots in total. No fancy transitions.

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How I Came To Love Creating Videos

I discovered my passion with video editing back in high school. There was a project I needed to do for my Japanese language class and it involved summarizing a TV drama we had just finished watching.

In addition to my basic summary, I also had access to the video files of each individual episode as well, so that I could refer to them when needed. I thought it would be a cool idea to create a “video summary” of the drama by splicing up a short montage.

The video was cut and edited with Windows Movie Maker — it was all I had at the time, but you work with what you got, right?

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